If you have found the room you like into a comfortable building, keep in contact with us by email ( on the left on the screen ) and you will receive by email all the information you need to book an appointment and visit the apartment you are interested to.

The price list includes the monthly rent and the monthly additional fees (electricity, gas, heating, air conditioning, condominium fees,, and expenses for the cleaning enterprise that every 14 days cleans up the common areas of the apartment – sitting room, hallways, kitchen, bathroom – and hygienizes the kitchen and the bathroom).

Every 3-4 months and at the end of your stay, recalculates the actual utilities expenses, distributes them among all the roommates, furnishes a copy of the bill receipts,  and proceeds to any compensation more or less.

The rental contract will be signed by you and the apartment owner, after that all of the services will be performed by and so you will have relations with only.

Which advantages you have if you join to the students  network?

  1. has the mission to manage comfortable apartments with a high benefits/cost ratio
  2. The flats managed by ALUNA.IT must be located in a safe area close to the university and furnished with facilities of communication with the city of Milan;
  3. Every flat is shared by students of the same age and gender
  4. Each apartment must have a kitchen, a living room, one bathroom every two rooms, and must be fully furnished and equipped with appliances (washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, TV ...) to common use;
  5. Each student has a fully furnished and equipped bedroom with internet services. Each student must  guarantee the order and cleanliness of his room and chiefly hygiene;
  6. In the event of maintenance of furniture and equipment in the apartment, students can rely on the services of;
  7. requests to the roommates to accept and apply the Internal Regulation to assure a lovely coexistence among the students  of the flat and the other tenants of the building;
  8. Each tenant can receive his guests in the living room and in the kitchen, if the other roommates agree, but they cannot offer to his guests a place to sleep in the apartments;
  9. Students negotiate the contract duration with ALUNA.IT according to their needs, and ALUNA.IT defines  the number of warning months necessary to leave the apartment.
  10. acts as a mediator in any situation of conflict among the roommates, and between the roommates with apartment owner.